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Dial international format
Last Updated 9 years ago

Mobu is a global application available for both android and apple devices. Mobu can be used from anywhere in the world. Many countries telephone network uses their own dial format. To overcome this problem we have introduced international dialling format, a universal format to call any destination in the world regardless the user's geographic position. For local numbers Mobu automatically change into international format in the contacts. But for international numbers Mobu user's need to dial 00 followed by country code followed by Destination number. For example, To call a typical USA number 3051234567 Mobu user will dial 0013051234567 to make a successful call. Similarly to call a UK number 02071234567 mobu user will dial 00442071234567. If the user prefer to call directly from the contacts instead of dialling the number from the keypad, make sure your international contacts are saved in international dialling format. 

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