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I did not receive sms activation code
Last Updated 9 years ago

If you have already installed the app but did not register yet, we recommend you to delete Mobu app from your device and install the latest version from your app store.

Here's a link to the app store: Apple app store / Google play store

Register with sms activation code:

Make sure you have entered your phone number correctly when registering with Mobu. Country code should be matched. The country code must be followed by your phone number. eg. a UK mobile number 07912345678 will be 447912345678 in the activation screen. Note that delivery of sms depends on user input and their mobile network which is beyond our control. So make sure you are entering a valid phone number when you are registering. 
For android devices app will automatically insert the code when you receive the sms activation code. For Apple devices you need to manually insert the code.

sms verification 1    sms verification 2    sms verification 3    sms verification 4

I did not receive any sms activation code:

In case you do not receive the sms activation code, we have included the new feature 'registration by call' as an alternative method of registering your number with Mobu. Delivery of sms depends on many factors such as your mobile network provider or mistyping the number by user etc and these factors are beyond our control. In such case, app will give you option to register by making a FREE call. As its an un-answered call, typically you will NOT be charged by your network provider. Just tap the Make a free verification call, listen to the voice prompt. That's it! Voila.... you are registered!

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